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Departure Time 1936

Thalys Train (The Hague – Paris) Departure Time or Vertrek: 1936 ie. 7.36pm!” 

As-Sarawaki, 28 June 2007: Praise be to The Almighty God, Allah SWT. In this entry, I would like to share with all honourable visitors an article written by Syed Nadzri dated September 29, 2005 as a food for thought and wisdom to be learned. One of the matters discussed in this article is about Malaysian’s bad sense of punctuality – ‘Malaysian Time’ or sometimes we call it as ‘Janji Melayu’. But, I would rather prefer to call this bad habit as ‘Janji Malaysia’ as it is not only being practised by the Malays, but also by the Chinese, Indian, Iban, Melanau, Kedayan, Kadazan, Bajau, Javanese, Bugis etc. After all.. This habit is really quite an annoying Malaysian trait!


From my experience working with the Japanese in Perodua and also from the culture that being inculcated in my current company – Shell (including my outstation assignments to South Korea and European Countries), I found that most of them are really punctual and taking punctuality as a serious matter. If a meeting is scheduled to be conducted for one hour for example from 9.00am to  10.00am, then it will start at 9.00am and will end at 10.00am. Moreover, as a live reference, please see the above photograph.. The departure time for the Thalys train from The Hague, The Netherlands to Paris, France is 1936 or 7.36pm! And exactly the train will depart at 7.36pm on the dot! But ever wonder in Malaysia.. Usually if the time set for the meeting or a function is at 7.30pm, then for sure it will start at 7.45pm or 8.00pm or even 8.30pm!


Hopefully we can improve this situation for the better, insya Allah! Any comment, please kindly leave your reply at the end of this entry. Thank you.


Eternally annoying Malaysian traits

By Syed Nadzri (29/09/2005)


You know you’re Malaysian when… (selanjutnya…)

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