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“California Girl (Angela Collins) Embraces Islam”

As-Sarawaki, 17 June 2007: ISLAM.. You deserve to know the truth about this beautiful way of life. Have you ever wonder.. Why even when Islam is being attacked from all corners around the globe be it physically, mentally, socially etc., and moreover, Muslims are being labelled negatively here and there, but then after all these, it is a proven fact that Islam is still the fastest growing religion in the world? There are almost 1.6 billion Muslims in the world! Kindly click this link to watch: Flash Presentation: Ever Wonder? 


Do you really know the truth about Islam? Islam is a complete way of life! It tells us about the purpose of life in terms of our creation and existence, our ultimate destiny, our place among other creatures and more importantly, it provides us with guidance to lead a balanced and purposeful life which will enable us to avoid the Hell-fire and be rewarded with a place in Paradise in the life after death. It is all about love, peace, family, charity and praying to One God. Simply Islam is to “Obey Allah” (Allah is the Name of the Only One True God)!


People of the world.. You deserve to know the truth about this beautiful way of life. Moreover, realizing the negative stereotyping about Islam and Muslims in today’s world, one important point that I humbly request you to ponder upon and to seriously consider is the following: 

“Do not judge Islam by what a few Muslims do, but please judge Islam by what is said in the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him.” 

Here is a very nice, touching and awesome flash video presentation titled “This is Islam” which is very ideal for dakwah to show that Islam is a perfect way of life. So don’t believe all you see, you hear.. Too many people wear a title of a Muslim.. But they don’t practise Islam! (selanjutnya…)

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